Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Choosing the Right Cricket Bat and what to look for

An Excellent cricket bat is made with an English willow called Salix Alba Cearulea which have to contain 12-14% moisture to save the bat from getting brittle
The raw willow collected is pressed mechanically to bring down the size by 5-8mm there by making the bat’s surface like a spring
The perfection of the mechanical pressure applied to the bat can be known when a seam mark appears on the bat when struck with a soft ball a few times
If a crack seems when struck against a soft ball with a bat the easy rectification for the bat is to apply some linseed oil and keep the bat a few days to absorb it
The second manufacturing aspect of a bat is the grain width of a bat.The ideal number of grains is said to be about 6-12 grains across the face of a bat
Balance and feel is the another important thing in which it differs from each person and their taste of the bat
The lighter the bat the more easy to move the bat and also to middle the ball,the weight bat has also got good features when it is well connected with the ball.Sachin Tendulkar is using the heaviest bat (1.51kg) ever.
When the weight is distributed evenly it has got more advantages than the lighter bat since it is easier to move
The bat with a comfortable length for each batsman is the best to opt.A longer bat has a slow bat speed
A sweet spot is the area where most of the bat weight is concentrated.The normal sweet spot is between 4 and 12 inches.The higher sweet spot (5-13inches) from the toe which helps the batsmen to play hooks and pull shots and the lower sweet spot (3-11inches) helps in drive shots

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