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ICC World Twenty 20 world cup 2010 is the highlight of all cricket lovers around the world.

There are many top cricket playing teams in the world with their fans spread over and it sure is tough for these fans to keep track of their favorite cricketers. The cricket is played all around the year and Cricket lovers are waiting for the upcoming ICC world Twenty 20 world cup as it has been scheduled to start of in April in West Indies and this is actually an ODI series that is scheduled between all the Asian countries.

The Australians and the English are still competing for the next cricket series to be played on their soil in November - lets see who ends up with the battle of becoming the host of the next season.

Countries are always interested in hosting the Cricket games as there are cricket fans spread all around the world that spend their hard earned morning just to get a glimpse of their favorite cricketer bat and bowl and so at the slightest chance they sure try to land up and are ready to buy tickets at all costs.

This surely makes the cricket hosts economic condition boom up because visitors come up from all parts of the world plus the hotels are booked in advance, cricket fans travel to their country to watch the cricket match and this helps in generating revenue for the business of the country and thus the economy booms up.

The cricket fixtures are scheduled so that everything turns out in an organized way according to schedule plus you can get all the relevant details from the online cricket sites who like to keep their cricket fans glued to their site and provide them a regular up date.Though the actual full timetable of the series cricket matches is finally updated 2 to 3 months before.

So keep prepared for the cricket season as it sure is time to wind up your work before hand and avail the benefit of watching live cricket in the cricket field at your convenient homes it sure is up to you. It takes a lot of hard work even in planning and scheduling the cricket matches as everything is fully organized The whole world is full of fans eagerly waiting for the cricket match so you sure get value for your hard work through the huge profits that you and up with at the end of the season.

The television companies are also involved with the battle of wits as each one is interested in buying the Broadcasting rights as through Cricket they can end up making large profits because the whole world is full of Cricket fans.

In cricket it takes two to tango, as without the other batting partner you sure are at a loss and it is the batsmen who take their team it win as the partnership and coordination between the two batsmen is the way to win.

Entire cricket world is looking forward to ICC World Twenty 20 world cup 2010.

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