Friday, 19 March 2010

Twenty-20 cricket - a game for specialist cricketers

Twenty-20 is the compact version of cricket that has taken the World by storm. The shortened format means the onus is on entertainment. The games are intense affairs that are fast paced with lots of drama. Initially T20 was not welcomed with open arms especially by lovers of test cricket. However, whether people like it or not the 20 over brand of cricket is here to stay.

Because of the short duration Twenty-20 cricket is a game for specialist cricketers. There is simply not enough time to adapt to playing conditions. Players need to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. To be successful in Twenty-20 matches, players need to be able to improvise and think on their feet. A good cricket brain is a must and will help to outthink opponents.

In test cricket batsmen have the luxury of playing themselves in. This gives them a certain amount of time to see the ball. In many ways, the 5 day format is the opposite of Twenty-20 cricket. There is no time to adjust the eyesight as batsmen are expected to score runs quickly rather than merely occupy the crease.

The all-rounder is a valuable commodity in the shortest form of the game. The ability to contribute with both bat and ball makes these players important members of the team. Some of the best teams have now recognised this. Including several all round performers will give the side strength and balance. It also gives the captain plenty of bowling options in the field.

Bowlers are just as important and some would say they earn their money more than the other players. A maiden over is a rarity in the hectic Twenty-20 arena but the ability to bowl dot balls or keep the run rate down to a run a ball makes the difference between winning and losing. By bowling a consistent line and cutting out the odd poor delivery, bowlers can make it difficult for the batsmen to score sufficient runs.

Twenty-20 cricket is a game for specialist cricketers and most cricket playing nations have now realised this. Players who are regulars in their countries test or one day squads can no longer expect to be included. In twenty over cricket, only players that can make valid contributions should be included.

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