Sunday, 28 March 2010

How to Bowl the Perfect Cricket Wicket Taking Delivery

So you want to improve your bowling? Worry not as there are a few techniques and measures you can take to improve your bowling figures.

Firstly, before you start to engage in any bowling, it is always a good idea to ensure you warm up. These are your general muscle warm ups to make sure that you do not pull or tear anything.

Once you have warmed up its now time to ensure that you have a proper run up. You can do this by going to the crease and imitating your run up in reverse. This will enable you to make sure you have the correct number of steps and may even help you eliminate bowling the dreaded no ball. This is quite common and you will often see many bowlers doing this. For those of you that don't know, this is why they grab a bit of sand and place it on the ground as this is their marker.

So, now we get on to the run up. The run up is crucial which helps to deliver speed and power to your wicket taking delivery. Initially start with small steps and then start to take bigger strides until you are in full motion. The run up should be quite comfortable and this is where marking your steps will help. Your head should be straight, still and focussed on where you want to bowl.

As you approach the crease, you need to think about where you will be bowling, where your fielders are placed and also trying to get as close to the crease as possible without giving away any extras. As you bowl your wicket taking delivery ensure that you completely follow through to get maximum power and to avoid injury.

All the above are crucial in helping you bowl the perfect wicket taking delivery. There is one main point left which is the ACTUAL place where you should bowl. In cricket, if you want to make it as a top flight bowler, then line and length are probably the most crucial elements that one needs to master. Bowlers such as Australia's Glen McGrath is world renowned for consistency bowling line and length each and every time. Even through times of injury, he always came back to be ranked in the top.

So what is line and length? The line is the route of the ball in accordance with the batsmens stumps. The length is where the ball bounces and pitches. As batsmen do not need to hit every ball, the bowler needs to invite the batsmen to hit the ball which will in effect increase their chances of taking a wicket. Cricketing legend Geoffrey Boycott calls this area the 'corridor of uncertainty' as the ideal place to bowl. The key is to create doubt in a batsmen's mind whether to play on the front or back foot and whether to play the shot at all. Ideally, this should be based around the 'off stump' region, not too wide and not too tight.

So in summary, a good posture and run up are important but the main ingredient of a top class wicket taking delivery is line and length. Keep practising and working on this and you can't go wrong.

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