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The wonder of the Cricket World Cup

Cricket - the national sport of the British that has known to become a favorite of many nations with its sensational field action, the high energy vibes and the electrifying audience. It adds much life to this otherwise boring game that was known only to the 'men in white'. What initially was a drag of a game played at idle to enjoy the sunny weather and is played all over the world, around the year, be it sunny, cloudy, cold or sweaty.

This game spread over consecutive days was made succinct, by introducing the new strategy of one-days involving fifty overs to score, for both the participating teams. White uniforms gave away to colorful attires matching the national colors of the countries. The banal red ball was switched for an exclusive white one and the speculators now encompass of virtually the entire world.

With the advent of the one-days came the world cups; the thrills, the chills, the oomph and battle. With nations trying to slaughter on ground the opponents with their wit, acumen, skill, endeavor and patience. Held after every four years; this is one event the world waits and enjoys to its best, celebrating action with a vigor and style.

The celebrations are unique and dynamic on their own, from official sound tracks to complete advertising campaigns; the ambience depicts to its best the epic world cup fever. It is the time for making, breaking and remaking new records. It all began in the year 1975, when the first world cup was held in England, with eight participating teams who played fifteen matches in fifteen days. The first three tournament are sometimes referred to as the 'Prudential Cups' as they were sponsored by the Prudential Plc., a financial service company. The final match was held between West Indies and Australia in the Lord's stadium, during the first world cup.

It was in 1992 that the colored uniforms were introduced. The cricket world cup is considered to be the world's third largest and most viewed sporting event, according to one survey. On the record, Australia has won the cricket world cup three times, with West Indies close behind by winning it twice. However, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have won the world cup once.

With more nations trying to strive to win the honor of achieving the world cup to take back home, the competition has become ferocious. Even the team players work hard to be a part of the refined skill pool that makes a world cup playing team. This leading tournament organized by the international Cricket Council offers much perks to its participating teams and the viewers across the globe and entails outstanding performances that one can cheer for.

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